Dentists in Sarnia, Canada - SEO Case

Dentistry is one of the most difficult topics to promote with high competition, but there are also proven ways to reach the TOP of the search results.

In general, after the initial basic optimization, the sites of dental clinics are developed and promoted according to the general principles of medical topics, but there are also some special tips for achieving good results.

One of our clients is a dental clinic from Sarnia, Canada. The main focus was to bring a website to a condition in which potential clients from its area will be able to find it. At the beginning of our work, the website’s clinic has good positions on Google Top 10 at the bottom of the page and on the second page of Google, but the client wanted to improve current positions.

We created a custom package containing a mix of the services suitable for this client.

Started with OnPage Optimization, Local SEO Package, getting backlinks from local directories and then with a periodical Content refresh, where the doctor from the clinic shows his expertise and how he helped his patients.

For this website, a good strategy was to do Blogger outreach and publish materials in professional resources.

All of the above brought good results and in only one month of work 8 keywords raised up, and either increased positions on the first page or entered Top 10.

Crork Case - dentist clinic in Sarnia, Canada

For the moment we continue to work with the clinic, strengthening the current positions.



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