Broken Linkbuilding from CrorkService

We will help you to acquire new backlinks on high authority resources from your niche or relevant websites

What we do?

  • We analyze the content on your website. We need a post with actual information, well written, with unique content. If you don’t have such a post, you can get from us the service in which we will research and write an awesome piece of content
  • We do keywords research and OnPage optimization of the page
  • We are looking for resources in the same niche that have on their page backlinks that show 404 errors. We make a list of such types of backlinks, at the same time we gather their contact data
  • We contact the owners of the blogs that have in their articles backlinks with 404 errors and we ask them to replace the old/deleted post with ours: actual and unique

What is the purpose of the Service?

  • We find broken backlinks on other resources and with them to your resource, getting high-quality backlinks in our niche
  • You get stable relationships with bloggers from your niche, possibly affiliate relationships or other opportunities (depending on the website/its purpose)
  • Referral traffic from websites with the same niche and from potential customers that are interested in your services and products
  • Quality backlinks will result in higher Google positions, visibility and authority

Our Results:

  • Keywords analysis for each article and report in which will be included the keywords, their competitivity and number of the monthly requests
  • OnPage optimization of each article and new meta tags for the website’s page in order to speed up the indexation of the article
  • Organic traffic from new articles from relevant users and potential customers
  • Unique text after the update, ready for the post / or if we have the admin rights, the post will be published by us
  • Relevant images ready to be included in the article/post
  • The full report with live-links and a report with the whole work process, research, sent emails and responses

More than 10 years in the game and we're just getting started.